The department of physiology was establish in the year 1968 along with the foundation of the third medical college of Assam, Silchar Medical College. Since then, the department has been contributing as one of the foundation pillars to raise Silchar Medical College as the prestigious institution of the north-east India.

1. Organisation of the department : The department is well organised with dynamic faculty members and postgraduate students who dedicatedly worked for the upliftment of the department. The department has separate rooms for each faculty members, an office room, well equipped haematology, clinical, animal and research laboratories, a seminar room, demonstration room, yoga laboratories, department library and a museum.

2. Faculty position : The department is supported by two professors, two associate professors, three assistant professors and four demonstrators.

3. Different facilities available :The department is well equipped with modern machines which are solely used for teaching and research purpose.

4. Academic activities:Every year 100 undergraduate and two postgraduate students take admission into the department. Students are regularly evaluated by means of completion test, twice a weekly assessment tutorials, group discussions, seminars and two semester ending examination. Apart from undergraduate MBBS teachings, the department is also entrusted with the task of conducting B.Sc nursing and paramedical classes.

5. Research work, publication, CME, workshop organised by the department last year and other achievements if any : All the faculty members and PGTs of the department are involved in various research works and have already published numerous numbers of publications in various national/ international journals. The department also organises guest lectures, integrated classes etc.

The following staff members are present in the department:


Name of the Post Name of Incumbents

Dr. Mansi Mandal

Dr. J. Deka

Associate Professor Dr. Nandita Dutta
Assistant Professor Dr. D J Nath
Dr. Ranjana Dhar
Dr. Naba Ratna Nath
Demonstrator Dr.Aparajita Chakraborty
Dr. Lalpeklawm Hmar