With a view to dedicate itself for the welfare of the students on a variety of issues like education, career, living, recreation and any other sort of emergent situation, the Silchar Medical College Students Union was formed. By an election which is held every year, the General Body Members of the Union elect an Executive Committee to serve for the interests of the students.

Executive Committee


Wahidur Rhman Choudhury


Dayita Pushpa Swami

General Secretary

Biswajit Deka

Assistant General Secretary Anirban Dey

Cultural Secretary

Ansao M Sangma

Sports' Secretary

Dev Vrat

Girls' Representative

Aishwariya Ranka


Devanshu Sharma


Shivanand Phukan

Debate Secretary

Kumar Shree Siddhant

Socio-Cultural Secretary

Sanidul Rahman Prodhani

Boys Gym Secretary

Rajib Koiri

Class Representative (Clinical)

MS Zeeshan Zunaid

Class Representative(Para-Clinical)

Reshma Begum

Class Representative(Pre-Clinical)

Ahmed Labib Barbhuiya

Common room Secretary Saydur Rohman


Advisory Board

  • Patron: Principal-cum-Chief Superintendent
  • Staff President: Prof. (Dr.)  Bhaskar Gupta


Besides its main activities for welfare of the students like education, career, living, recreation and any emergent situation, some other activities are:

  • Holding of Freshers Social for the New-Comers.
  • Celebration of Annual College Week for Sports and Cultural Activities.
  • Celebration of College Anniversary each year on the 15th August, the foundation day of the Silchar Medical College.
  • Participation in various other tournaments held outside the College and participation in 'PULSE' which is the Asia's Largest Medical College Festival held every year in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (A.I.I.M.S.), New Delhi.
  • Publication of the Annual College Magazine, Wall Magazine etc.
  • Holding of Annual Inter-class Cricket Tournament.
  • Holding of Blood Donation Rally, Cleanliness Drives, Tree Plantation Drives, Health Check up Camps etc.
  • Celebrations of 'Saraswati Puja', the Goddess of Learning, New Year's Day, Tithi of Shri Shri Shankardeva, Netaji's Birthday etc.