Organization : department of Dermatology having single unit department of 30 beds

Different facilities available:

a) OPD services including various clinics viz. STD & Leprosy clinic daily, and pigmentary clinic, Vitiligo clinic, Vesicobullous clinic, Autoimmune Disease clinic, Psoriasis clinic weekly.

b) Indoor Facility: Keloid treatement, chemical peels, nail surgery, Cryo-Surgical procedure, Acne surgery, Biopsy, Minor Surgical procedures, skin grafting, Electro Surgical procedure, PUVA/NBUVB therapy, CO2 Laser, Intra-lesional injections and other surgical and Cismetic procedures.

c) Research work:

i. Clinical study of the pattern of Dermatoses in elderly group of patients attending Dermatology OPD in SMCH.

ii. Clinical study of severe cutaneous drug reaction

iii. Clinical study of non-venereal Dermatoses of Male Genitalia

iv. Clinical study of Hand and Foot Deformities in Leprosy

v. A clinical study of Dermatoses in Neonates in Silchar Medical College

vi. Changing trends in Genital Ulcer of Patients attending STI in Tertiary care centre of North East India: A retrospective study of 10 years.

Staff: The present staffs of the department consist of the following members


Name of the Post Name of Incumbents
Professor Dr. Bhaskar Gupta
Associate Professor Dr. Debajit Das
Assistant Professor Dr. Joydeep Roy
Registrar Dr. Rimjhim Saha